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Wed, 22 Jan 2020 19:46 GMT

Hong Kong Activist Urges Germany to Halt Chinese Army Training


7Dnews London

Sun, 17 Nov 2019 19:32 GMT

Prominent Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong on Sunday November 17th urged the German government to halt military training assistance to China after Chinese troops appeared on the streets of the protest-hit Asian financial hub, a German daily reported.

"It makes me furious that the German Bundeswehr (unified armed forces) is apparently helping to train Chinese soldiers. Given the riots in Hong Kong, the Defence Ministry should have ended this programme long ago,” Wong told the top-selling Bild newspaper, according to AFP.

Rocked by months of increasingly violent anti-government protests, the sudden emergence of soldiers from the Chinese People's Liberation Army on the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday outraged people in the semi-autonomous territory,

The Chinese soldiers left their Kowloon barracks to help clean up debris and bricks from the protests, in what was seen as a highly symbolic troop movement.

Wong also told Bild that Hong Kong security forces were using "German water cannon" against protesters.

"When will their export be stopped?" he asked. Amnesty International (AI) backed Wong's plea to end the military training.

In a similar move, a top-secret military document showed the Bundeswehr plans to train Chinese soldiers in 2020. Human rights group AI said Berlin should take a stand over Beijing's human rights record, according to the German news agency Deutsche Welle.