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Houthi Unblock Banned Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar Media After 5 Years


Hussein Nagah

Wed, 10 Jul 2019 14:55 GMT

Yemeni al-Houthi militias have unblocked digital media and newspapers related to the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party (called Islah) as well as Qatar's online media. According to local media, Yemeni citizens have suddenly been able to access sites that before had been blocked to them.

Yemeni people began to browse online media related to the Islah party, considered a local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood group, last week without using apps that unblock the banned websites.

In addition, Yemeni citizens said that they also became able to browse Qatari media including Al Jazeera.Net and Al Arabi Al-Jadeed, as well as the digital platforms of the Qatari newspapers. All had been previously blocked.

"The lifting of the al-Houthi ban on the sites and channels of the Muslim Brotherhood and of Qatar confirms that there has emerged a harmony and compatibility over the control of the Yemen to end the legitimate government," a spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council, Nizar Haitham, said in a press statement.

The Southern Transitional Council is a secessionist organisation in Yemen. It was established in 2007, during the term of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and it has called for and worked towards the separation of southern Yemen from the rest of the nation.

Haitham added, "This decision is also part of the hidden co-operation between the Brotherhood and al-Houthi in Yemen. It’s not only co-operation in the media, but there is also military, intelligence, economic and political co-operation targeting the Arab coalition".

The al-Houthi militia, backed by Iran, which now controls the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Sana'a, has blocked all local news websites that has opposed it since 2014, as well as Gulf, Arab and international news and media outlets.

On the other hand, the terrorist militias have kept a ban on local, Gulf and Arab digital news websites, which are not affiliated with the Brotherhood and its members.

The Yemeni newspaper, Al-Mashahed, said that the al-Houthis’ move of unblocking Brotherhood and Qatari media has come in the context of a co-ordination between the two parties (the Qatari regime and the militias), especially with regard to media campaigns directed against the Arab alliance countries, led by Saudi Arabia.

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