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How to Style the Turtleneck, Autumn’s Go-to Jumper

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Hannah Bardsley - 7DNews London

Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:53 GMT

We’ve all seen the image. It’s been etched into our minds for some reason. A vision sold to us by furniture companies and cup-a-soup franchises. The pinnacle of relaxation and womanhood. What do we do on days when the sun is setting by the time we leave work, when we just want to relax and feel cosy but sophisticated? 

We don a turtleneck. And we sit down on our sofa (trendy and new, if it’s a furniture ad,) with a warm mug (of soup), we take a sip and breath out a contented sigh. Don’t try to deny you know what I am talking about.

And so autumn comes and the shops fill up with turtlenecks. By this I mean full to bursting, have you been inside Marks and Spencer, it’s like no other kind of jumper exists? It’s almost ridiculous. 

Is there some great plot, some conspiracy forcing us into turtlenecks? I could almost believe there is but at the same time, turtlenecks are a great style choice and very comfortable, so why not embrace them, even if it is all some kind of government plot.

But how do we style a turtleneck, because after all, all they need is the signature high neck and they are an incredible versatile piece of clothing? 

First there is the business, casual look. You know the one, it’s Steve Jobs time. That’s the casual, “I am rocking it in the business world” look. This look can go one of two ways. Pair it with black trousers and you really are head of a tech company, which is a great look for when you are in the office. 

A pair of corduroy trousers, in tartan or mustard, long and in bootleg cut and the turtleneck transforms again. Out of the office you step and into the rolling English fields. The look isn’t farm chic but hunting chic and matched with knee high boots or even wellies and you could have stepped straight out of the pages of the Tatler.

Change it up again and take away the trousers and swap for a mini skirt or a pencil skirt and you have the perfect outfit. Depending on what patterns you go for, you’ll either have something out of the 1960s or the 70s. Either way this is the perfect autumnal look, especially matched with a tartan skirt and some thick tights. A large scarf and a moss green tartan blazer complete the combo.

But what about when you truly want to be that picture of comfy and cosy that you have always envisaged? Well then, it is time to pull out the oversized jumpers - turtleneck jumpers. You know the ones, big chunky knits, maybe even a cable knit. The longer the jumper and the softer, the better. And don’t match it with jeans, black leggings are the only way to go forward. 

Or even better than that, a pair of fleece-lined leggings. Warm and cosy on the inside and form fitting and flattering on the outside. There is a range of colours best suited to this look. For those bold and daring, with hair long enough to curl past their shoulders, a white turtleneck is a fabulous choice. For others, especially those who don’t want to risk staining their jumper by accidentally spilling the contents of their mug (I thoroughly recommend filling that mug with hot chocolate,) over themselves, darky greys, navy blues and deep reds are the way to go.

For the rest of us, it’s time to embrace an autumnal palette. Navy blues and forest greens. Maybe even a warm rust colour. The perfect accompaniment to a cosy turtleneck is a warm throw or blanket. Something you can drape across your legs. 

And you have made it. You are the epitome of style, comfort and you are delightfully warm too. Who said adverts don’t reflect real life?

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