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Internet Restricted amid Protests in Iran


7Dnews London - AFP

Mon, 18 Nov 2019 05:22 GMT

Internet access has been restricted in Iran, the semi-official ISNA news agency said on Sunday, November 17th after nearly two days of protests across the country sparked by a petrol price hike, AFP reported.

"Access to the internet has been limited as of last night and for the next 24 hours," an informed source at the Information and Telecommunications Ministry said, according to ISNA.

The source said Iran’s Supreme National Security Council took the decision to cut internet services overnight.

The decision came after state television accused the "hostile media" of trying to use fake news and videos on social media to exaggerate the protests as "large and extensive."

Netblocks, a website that monitors online services, said the country was in the grip of an internet shutdown. "Confirmed: Iran is now in the midst of a near-total national internet shutdown; real-time network data show connectivity at 7% of ordinary levels after twelve hours of progressive network disconnections," it said on Twitter.

According to Iranian media, at least one person was killed and others injured during the protests that started across the country on Friday night, November 15th.

The demonstrations erupted hours after the announcement of a petrol price hike by 50% for the first 60 litres and 300% for anything above that each month.

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