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Iran Behind Tanker Sabotage, Says Gordon


Amr Gohar - 7Dnews Washington

Thu, 16 May 2019 11:02 GMT

Jeffrey D Gordon, a former Pentagon spokesperson and a national security adviser to President Trump's campaign, said he regretted the sabotage of four ships near the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

In an interview with 7Dnews, Gordon added that the indicators pointed to Iran's involvement in carrying out the operation, either directly or by proxy through the terrorist militias that support it.

“Despite investigations not being completed, Iran has a stake and goals in carrying out such operations in the region because it has the money to do so”, he said, in reference to the sabotage operations that took place in UAE economic waters near the port of Fujairah.

The US official said that Iran is suffering due to the recent sanctions imposed by Washington on its oil exports, as a result of its threats to close the Strait of Hormuz and reduce its commitment to the nuclear agreement.

Gordon stressed that the classification of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist group was a knockout blow for Iran, making it behave in such a way.

Moreover, the official also said “US is ready to destroy the Iranian navy”, adding that “Tehran will not dare to launch direct attacks against the US military.”

“We have information that Iran is planning to launch attacks on Washington's allies in the region,” Gordon said. “And, indeed, Iran has launched attacks on oil tankers owned by US allies.”

Tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated sharply in recent weeks.

Washington imposed sanctions on Iranian oil exports to tighten the screws on Iran, and Iran at the time threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz and reduce its commitment to the nuclear deal.

The United States has effectively ordered countries worldwide to stop buying Iranian oil or face US sanctions, which Washington says are aimed at completely choking off Iranian crude exports.

Washington last month blacklisted the IRGC as a terrorist group. US officials say they have detected troubling indications that Iran could be preparing a military response.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Tehran could resume enrichment of nuclear fuel at a higher grade if the European powers, China and Russia did not do more to circumvent punitive US measures on banking and energy to boost trade.

Trump wants to force Tehran to agree to a broader arms control accord and has sent an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers and Patriot missiles to the Middle East in a show of force against what US officials have said is a “threat to US troops and interests in the region”.

Meanwhile, Iran has threatened that these US forces will be “its targets and not a threat”.

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