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Iran Executes Three Kurdish Opponents


Rowshan Qasim - 7Dnews Erbil

Sat, 08 Sep 2018 16:51 GMT

The Iranian authorities on Saturday September 8th executed the Kurdish activists Ramin Hussein Banahi, and the brothers Zeniar and Logman Muradi, ignoring an international outcry not to punish them with the death penalty.

The news of the execution was mentioned in several local media outlets. Banahi’s brother, Amjad Hussain, told 7Dnews that Ramin was hanged this morning at 5 am.

He said, "We were banned from meeting Ramin, or speaking to him on the phone after he was transferred to Raja'i prison. His lawyer informed us earlier today that Ramin had been executed.”

Amjad Benahi said Iran does not hand over to relatives the remains of those who were executed, especially if they were political opponents. They do not let the family know about the burial location and funeral ceremonies are banned.

“My executed brother’s charge was being a revolutionary Kurd. My parents are in bad shape now. My mother got admitted to hospital upon receiving the news”, he said.

On May 2nd, Nishtman Hussein Benahi, sister of then detained Ramin attempted suicide motivated by the authorities’ decision to execute her brother. 

Benahi participated in protests calling on the authorities in the Kurdistan region to exert pressure on the Iranian regime to release his brother.

International human rights groups called on the Iranian regime to revoke the death penalty on Banahi, including the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

About 10 days ago, Ramin Hussein Banahi stabbed his mouth to protest against the authorities' intention to execute him, according to Iranian human rights sources.

Iran Wires, an opposition website, has cited sources saying Ramin Hussein Banahi was on hunger strike for the past 10 days in protest at his death sentence.

On August 14th, Iranian security authorities transferred Ramin Hussein Banahi from the city prison in Sanandij, the capital of Kurdistan province, to jail in the capital Tehran for execution.

The so-called "Revolutionary Court of Iran" sentenced Ramin Hussein to death on January 25th for "waging war against the state". The trial was criticised for being staged and was carried out after allegations that Ramin had been tortured.

The Iranian authorities arrested Ramin Hussein Banahi in July 2017 on charges of threatening national security and being a member of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

The Faris News Agency, a semi-official Iranian agency, reported that the two brothers Zeniar and Logman Muradi were executed with Ramin at dawn on September 8th.

The brothers were accused of being part of a “terrorist group” and committed an attack that killed four in the Kurdish city of Marivan.

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