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Iranian Airstrikes Kill and Injure Dozens of Civilians in Erbil


Rowshan Qasim - 7Dnews Erbil

Sat, 08 Sep 2018 14:16 GMT

Iranian airstrikes targeting the premises of Iranian Kurdish opposition parties in Iraq on Saturday 8th September have resulted in the killing and injuring of dozens of civilians, Iraqi security sources in Erbil told 7Dnews.

The Iranian Kurdish political activist Soran Bolani told 7Dnews that Iranian fighter jets targeted the offices of two Iranian Kurdish opposition parties in the town of Koy Sanjaq in Erbil governate, 65 kilometres from the Iranian border.

Bolani said the attack on the premises of the Kurdish Democratic Party took place while the leadership and members of the party were having a convention. The airstrike killed 19 people and left another 40 persons wounded, including women and children. The death toll might rise because of severe injuries to the injured.

Bolani said among the dead are six leaders of the party, including Ibrahim Zeyoai and Suhaila Qadiri.

The Iranian jet fighters also targeted the premises of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Erbil. The party military official said the attack killed two party members. The airstrikes have been staged to coincide with the execution of two Kurdish politicians in Iran.

According to sources in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the secretary general of the party and his predecessor were injured in the attack.

Witnesses reported spotting drones flying in the area at the time of the attacks.

For the third consecutive day, on Saturday September 8th, Iranian artillery continued to pound mountain areas in the Bradost region in the Iraqi Kurdistan triangle bordering with Iran and Turkey.

A local source in Kurdistan said Iran justifies the airstrikes by targeting Iranian opposition in the region despite also causing displacement of the local population and losses in agriculture and livestock.

Iran launched military offensives in 1996 against the Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards attacked the party base in Koy Sanjaq and then explosions and assassinations were witnessed throughout the region. 

In July, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Interior, Thou-Alfaqar Hussein, said his country will go after the armed Kurdish fighters in neighbouring states if those countries did not act to suppress these Iranian opposition groups.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has repeatedly asked Ankara and Tehran to leave its territories and accused them of making excuses to launch offensives on the region. In a statement issued on September 8th, the regional government condemned the Iranian airstrikes and asked Iran to respect the region’s authority and not to turn the territory into their battle ground. The statement also said emergency relief and aid teams have been instructed to assist those affected by the airstrikes. 

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