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ISIS claims Kabul bombing


Gary Potgieter

Tue, 05 Jun 2018 21:12 GMT

An Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan has claimed responsibility for the June 4th suicide bombing in Kabul that left seven people dead and 20 wounded.

The attack targeted the country’s top Muslim clerics who had gathered for a meeting in the capital city.

The attack came shortly after the body of religious leaders, known as the Afghan Ulema Council, had issued a fatwa against suicide attacks. In addition, the leaders also called for peace talks to begin.

The Isis claim was posted on a website linked to the militant group, according to an Associated Press report, and went on to say the Kabul council was a meeting of “tyrant clerics” who were discussing the fight against what they call “terrorism”.

Shortly after the attack, the Taliban denied any involvement in the attack, although the group did denounce the meeting and the subsequent fatwa that was issued.

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