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Israel to Deduct Funds from Palestinians for Arson Damage


7Dnews London

Mon, 04 Jun 2018 15:52 GMT

Israel says it intends to deduct from tax funds it collects from Palestinians the amount needed to compensate Israelis living near the Gaza Strip who have undergone a wave of arson attacks.

Israeli forces have been fighting fires caused by kites rigged with incendiary devices. The devices are believed to have been launched by Palestinians in Gaza and have caused damage to forests and torched fields of crops. The fires have also disrupted daily life in communities near the Gaza Strip.

According to the Associated Press, the kites were flown by Palestinians in Gaza who have staged weekly protests since late March when more than 115 Palestinians were killed by Israeli army fire. The statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Sunday didn't disclose how much would be deducted but Israeli Army Radio has estimated the claim for damages could be 5 million shekels ($1.4 million).

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