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Israeli Forces Stop Burning Kite Launcher


7Dnews London

Sun, 17 Jun 2018 12:03 GMT

The Israeli Air Force has destroyed a vehicle believed to be used in launching burning kites into Israeli territory from Gaza.

While no one was wounded in the strike, it does mark an escalation in a new tactic that has caused havoc on agriculture in southern Israel in recent weeks.

Kites are being launched once again and fields have been set ablaze on a hot, windy, dry Saturday.

Gazans began flying kites with burning rags attached to them during mass protests against the crippling Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory. Israeli troops have fired on the protesters, killing more than 100 since the weekly demonstrations began in March.

The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, has led the protests. Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for the fires.

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