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Italy Honours Leonardo da Vinci with Events, Exhibitions

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7Dnews London

Sat, 23 Mar 2019 10:47 GMT

Events and exhibitions are taking place all across Italy to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest artists of all time -- Leonardo da Vinci, as reported by Reuters.

Leonardo was an artist, an engineer, a mathematician and above all, he was a curious soul. 

He was born in 1452, near the town of Vinci. Though he spent most of his life in Italy he died in France, which is now home to many of his paintings, including one of the world's most recognizable masterpieces, the Mona Lisa. 

There are events in cities across Italy to celebrate the artist's work including an exhibition at the museum Leonardo da Vinci Experience in Rome. 

One of the features of the museum is that the paintings portrayed there are certified copies of Leonardo's masterpieces. They have been recreated with the same techniques that Leonardo used, and with the use of the same materials that were available to him during the time that he made them. 

The museum also offers guests interactive models based on Leonardo's inventions and a window into his inquiring and fertile mind. There is a glider that resembles wings, an aerial screw, a helicopter-like machine, a bicycle and a multi-barrel cannon. 

Leonardo La Rosa, director of the Leonardo da Vinci Experience said, "He had dreams. He saw birds flying, and he created flying machines. His dream was to walk on water, so he created many machines to do it, and also machines to go deep into water, then to move without muscles with different kinds of energy, different machines and parts of machines that we use in everyday life and we didn't know that Leonardo da Vinci invented them 500 years ago."  

The museum also combines music with art to give visitors a special experience. Live performances by musicians take the guests back to the time of the Renaissance. 

Opera singer Paola Alonzi said: "a painting is a thing that seems not alive, because you can see it and it can't say anything. But with the music that painting could be alive again because we choose musical pieces that are connected with that painting."  

Quincentennial events to remember the Italian master will take place throughout the year in Italy with a culmination on May 2nd, the day when Leonardo died, in France.