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Japan Court Extends Ghosn Detention until April 22


7Dnews London

Fri, 12 Apr 2019 13:46 GMT

The former Nissan chief, Carlos Ghosn, will remain in detention over allegations of financial misconduct, according to a ruling by a Japanese court on Friday April 12th, according to AFP.

His lawyers immediately appealed the decision and have already asked the Supreme Court to intervene in his detention.

The 65-year-old will be held in custody at a detention centre in Tokyo until April 22nd whereupon the authorities will either have to press formal charges, release him or re-arrest him if they feel he has other accusations to answer.

The tycoon does already face three separate charges. Two of these relate to millions of dollars in salary believed to have been concealed from shareholders. The third charge is that he sought to shift personal investment losses to company books.

Ghosn denies all the allegations and lashed out in a video message, shown on Tuesday April 9th, at what he termed a "plot" by "backstabbing" Nissan executives scared of closer integration with French partner firm Renault.

Ghosn’s wife was questioned by prosecutors at Tokyo’s District Court on Thursday April 11th, which his lawyer believed would lead to his client’s acquittal.

Ghosn’s lengthy detention has sparked some criticism of the Japanese justice system, derided by some as "hostage justice," as suspects can be held for a long time without formal charges.