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Jordan Announces Details of Foiling Terrorist Plot Targeting US, Israeli Embassies


7Dnews London

Thu, 14 Nov 2019 17:34 GMT

Jordan’s intelligence services has foiled 'terrorist operations" by two suspects who were planning to target employees of the US and Israeli embassies, as well as US soldiers, at a military base in the Al-Jafr region, according to the al-Rai newspaper, on Tuesday November 12th.

The newspaper said that the suspects planned to use firearms, or stabbing or running over by vehicles, to kill their targets.

The defendants, who were arrested at the end of July, were referred to Jordan's State Security Court, which has jurisdiction over terrorism cases, after the court prosecutor accused them of two conspiracy crimes, for the purpose of carrying out terrorist acts, and promoting the ideas of a terrorist group, al-Rai said.

The Court began on Sunday Novembe 10th, to try the two defendants over the charges, both of whom pleaded "not guilty," and the case was adjourned to call prosecution witnesses for the case.

According to the indictment, the first and second defendants "have a relationship of friendship, and during 2015 followed the news and publications of the terrorist group Isis, through social networking apps (Telegram), until they were convinced by the ideas of that organisation."

In the light of that scheme, the two defendants identified the means of implementation, "either by buying weapons, stabbing or using vehicles for running-over, after they had secured the necessary funds."

The newspaper said that in the run-up to the terrorist attacks, one of the defendants inspected the US and Israeli embassies more than once, in preparation for the terrorist acts, adding that "their arrest prevented them from carrying out these terrorist operations."

On the other hand, Jordanian security forces arrested on Wednesday November 13th, 33 persons, including one of Arab nationality, in different governorates of the Kingdom, and seized possession of firearms, as part of a special security campaign to eliminate the problem of possession of unlicensed weapons, al-Rai said.

The authorities confirmed the continuation of the campaign, which began on June 27th, renewing their thanks to all citizens who have played a role in renouncing this, or those who cooperated, leading to arrest and prosecution. Since the beginning of the campaign, 1,369 people have been arrested with 1,598 illegal firearms, the newspaper reported.

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