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Jordanians Step Up Efforts to Relieve Syrians’ Suffering


Mohammad Ghazal - 7Dnews Amman

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 11:44 GMT

Jordanians have been collecting all kinds of donations, including food stuffs and medical supplies, to help alleviate the suffering of displaced Syrians in the southern parts of their country.

More than 149 trucks laden with humanitarian assistance, blankets, food and other commodities crossed the Jordanian border into Daraa where aid was distributed to thousands of displaced Syrians.

The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation, which supervised the collection and the dispatch of the aid in cooperation with the authorities concerned, urged Jordanians to slow down in making donations as its warehouses across the country were full.

"All of our warehouses are full of donations made by the Jordanian citizens…There are hundreds of tons of all types of aid to be sent to the displaced Syrians," Shahed Anani, head of public relations department at the organisation, told 7Dnews.

Although large numbers of displaced Syrians in the south returned to their homes after various deals were reached between the involved parties, there are discussions underway to send the aid donated by Jordanians to other homeless Syrians in the area.

Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat said Jordan has opened safe corridors for the delivery of aid to the displaced Syrians in the south.

"Jordanians have donated all types of aid to the Syrians and Jordan has played its humanitarian and key role in providing aid to the displaced Syrians inside Syria…This is the responsibility of the entire international community and not just the responsibility of Jordan," she told 7Dnews.

Jordan, which is already home to 1.3 million Syrian refugees, closed its borders recently as hundreds of thousands of Syrians flocked to crossing points after a new wave of fighting.

This week, Jordan urged an increase in aid by the international community as funding for the 2018 Jordan Response Plan, aimed at helping the Kingdom overcome challenges ensuing from the Syrian crisis, has only reached around 7% of the required amount so far this year.

  Funding requirements for the 2018 plan stand at $2.517 billion, but total funding reached only $183 million or 7.2% of the total amount required by July, according to figures released by the Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis (JRP). JRP funding in 2017 stood at 65% of the 2017 JRP requirements.  

"What we saw over the past few days and weeks was really impressive. Jordanians from all walks of life took part in donating to help the brotherly Syrians," Raid Omari, a resident of Ramtha, which is close to the Syrian borders, told 7Dnews. 

"Collection of donations was very spontaneous and in spite of the difficult economic conditions Jordanians sent donations…my family sent several types of donations and residents of all towns and villages took part in this show of solidarity with our neighbours, the Syrians," Omari said. 

In early July, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz unveiled a national aid campaign to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people inside their country. 

  On his Twitter account, Razzaz said that the campaign would be administrated through the JHCO with the aim of unifying all relief efforts and sending urgent assistance to the “Syrian brothers inside their country”.  

Yaseen Mustafa, a resident of Jerash governorate, said it was the duty of all Jordanians to help. "Residents of Palestinian refugees' camp in the governorate collected large amounts of donations…The suffering of the displaced Syrians affected us all," Mustafa told 7Dnews. "Although our economic conditions are difficult, we cannot but help and collect donations,"  

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