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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Killed by Isis - Italian who Fought Alongside Kurds in Syria

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Roberto Tumbarello

Wed, 20 Mar 2019 12:47 GMT

Lorenzo Orsetti, a 33 year old from Florence, Italy, joined the Kurdish army as a volunteer in the fight against Isis. His battle name was Tekoser. He was killed by Daesh during the attack on Baghuz, the extremist stronghold.  

The letter containing his Last Will is moving – a custom for all the militia – which Lorenzo entrusted to Davide Grasso, a friend, and Italian fighter. "If you read this message it means I'm dead. Know that I left with a smile, convinced that I fought for a right reason. So, my life, which I offered to others, ends early, but with great success". 

Above all, the Kurds, together with other armies, are defending the Western society from terrorism. Despite being an Indo-European people with a civilization that dates back 20 centuries before Christ, they have no state, are continuously persecuted and have never been defended by anyone.  

Their territory occupies a vast plateau in the northern part of Mesopotamia, which belongs to four large countries. Neither Syria nor Iran, Iraq and Turkey are willing to grant Kurdistan independence because that territory is rich with oil wells.

Isis announced the death of Lorenzo Orsetti by publishing a photograph of the slain fighters body along with his healthcare card on social media. His own enemies call him an Italian crusader. In fact, while there are hundreds of European foreign fighters deployed on the Caliphate side – Italians, are most numerous, numbering 178 – but those who fight on the opposite side are few, only five or six. Orsetti was one of them.  

Passionate about cooking, he worked as a chef in the catering sector in Florence, then became a sommelier. 18 months ago, however, tired of bourgeois life and the injustices perpetrated in various parts of the world, he left his home, friends and family to choose the cause and ideals of the Kurds. It is a population of almost 30 million that constitutes one of the most numerous ethnic groups in search of national unity. 

In a statement from his father, Alessandro Orsetti said, "Lorenzo's group was surrounded by a jihadist counterattack, reporting to a call from the Kurd commander – and they were all killed. We are destroyed by pain. Every time he gave us his news, we asked him to return to Italy. He already did enough for the Kurds. He was a good boy, very generous and selfless. He always wanted to help others. We are proud of him. He asked to be buried along with his fellow soldiers, where he was killed. We respect his will, even if we have no grave to cry on". 

Lorenzo Orsetti is the second Italian militant in the Kurdish army killed in Syria, after Giovanni Asperti, a 50-year-old from Bergamo who died in Derik on December 7th. A few days ago, on 11 March, Lorenzo released his last interview in which he admitted to continually living in danger but feeling useful, because he was doing something for humanity, which everyone should do. His last message, “Everyday women and children die here. One cannot witness such cruelty without intervening.” 

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