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Tuesday 20th March 2018

London Remembers London Bridge Attacks One Year On


7Dnews London

Mon, 04 Jun 2018 08:12 GMT

One year to the day after the London Bridge attacks of June 3rd 2017, London remembered the dead and injured in a memorial service at the local Southwark Cathedral.

A year ago a van mounted the pavement on London Bridge over the river Thames and ran down people crossing the bridge. 

Jumping out of the van, the attackers ran into nearby Borough Market, filled with people enjoying an evening out, and attacked passers-by with knives. Armed police arrived quickly and shot the three attackers dead. Eight people were killed in the attack and 48 were injured. Seven of the eight people killed were from outside the UK.

The service was followed by a nationally observed minute of silence in memory of the dead. Mourners proceeded on to London Bridge at 4.30pm to observe the one minute’s silence. 

The Prime Minister Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan attended the ceremony on the bridge and laid flowers; the words ‘London United’ were projected on to the bridge at dusk.

Mrs May paid tribute to those who died, including Ignacio Echeverria, a Spaniard who fought the attackers with his skateboard and was among those killed. She said the fact that seven of the eight people killed were not British was “a reflection of our great cosmopolitan capital, whose energy and values brings together people from across the world, and a tragic reminder that the threat from terrorism transcends borders and impacts us all.” “Our resolve to stand firm and overcome this threat together has never been stronger,” she declared.

Britain’s official threat level remains severe. The government warned “We expect the threat from terrorism to remain at its current, heightened level for at least the next two years, and it may increase further. . . the threat from extreme-right violence is growing.” Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced plans to recruit 2,000 more security officers to help defeat terrorist attacks.