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Man Jailed Eight Years for Threatening Swedish Ministers


7Dnews London

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 21:22 GMT

A Swedish court has sentenced a man on Monday, February 11th, to eight years in jail for sending death threats to government ministers and for posting a booby-trapped package to a British company, AFP said.

Michael Salonen, 43, was arrested in Thailand, in April last year, and claims he is innocent of the crimes.

But the court found that, in 2017, he sent an envelope containing a white powder and threats to 21 members of the Swedish government, including Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, and to local officials and personalities from the world of culture, according to AFP.

The Stockholm appeals court said in its ruling, “The powder turned out to be harmless, but Salonen's actions were aimed at spreading fear and putting society under pressure".

The court document showed that, in the summer of 2017, the defendant had sent a booby-trapped letter to a bitcoin sales company in London. The letter did not explode when it was opened, but was "intended to kill or cause serious bodily harm," the court said, upholding Salonen's conviction for attempted murder.

Swedish politicians claim to have increasingly been the target of threats and insults on social media.

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