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Fri, 22 Nov 2019 12:36 GMT

Man Miraculously Survives Niagara Falls Plunge


7Dnews London - AFP

Thu, 11 Jul 2019 01:27 GMT

Niagara Park Police responded to a call at 4.00am on Tuesday, July 9th about a “man in crisis” on the brink of Horseshoe Falls, a 188-foot (57-meter) waterfall. The man plunged and swept over.

Horseshoe Falls is the largest of the Niagara Falls. The man was recovered alive by the police and found sitting on a rock in the river below with non-life threatening injuries, Canadian Police reported.

The man, who was not identified, ended up on the Canadian side of the falls, which straddle the US-Canadian border.

The incident is said to have been the fourth time an adult is known to have survived going over without protection, according to local news accounts. Some have also survived after going over the falls in barrels or with flotation devices, while others have died in the attempt.

According to Newsweek, Over the years, the site has attracted “Daredevils” including the likes of Kirk Jones, who was the first person to survive the drop from Niagara Falls without a safety device during a previous attempt in 2003, and who died later in April 2017.

More recently, stunts involving the Niagara Falls included someone jet-skiing over the falls in 1995 and dying after his parachute didn’t open, and ‘King of the Wire’ Nik Wallenda walking across the top of the falls on a tightrope in 2012 (with a safety harness, of course).

Nonetheless, according to Newsweek “for those who survive the perilous drop with 150,000 gallons of water per second, there are hefty fines from the authorities, with Jones handed a $2,300 penalty and a lifetime ban from Canada after dropping down the falls in 2003”.

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