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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Marine Le Pen Denounces the EU's "Reckless Immigration Policy"


Mohamed Zerari - AFP

Sun, 16 Sep 2018 20:48 GMT

The French right wing leader, Marin Le Pen, on Sunday denounced the European Union's "reckless immigration policy", saying President Emmanuel Macaron was subject to this policy, reports AFP.

Le Pen spoke before 800 supporters gathered in the southern city of Frigos, known for the loyalty of the majority of its population to the Le Pen National Rally party, which replaced the FNL. 

Le Pen strongly attacked "the government's submission to Brussels and its reckless immigration policy". 

Le Pen, who launched the rally in the run-up to the European elections next year, said, "It is no longer the activity of district administration officials other than housing of immigrants" 

"The money is flowing strongly to implement this reckless policy that disturbs the majority of the French ... while the money disappears when talking about the interest of the homeless." 

"History has never seen people working to sabotage their social funds, planning to reconsider their culture and working to destroy their identity," she said. 

Le Pen said that President Macaron "does not reflect the beginning of an era but the end of an era" and felt that "is not the leader with a vision"