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Mon, 16 Dec 2019 01:39 GMT

Marseille’s Adil Rami Sacked for TV Wrestling instead of Attending Training


7Dnews London

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:39 GMT

French club Marseille fired Adil Rami on Tuesday August 13th for “gross misconduct”. Rami’s contract was cancelled by Marseille without any explanation from the club. He was in the squad that won World Cup 2018.

A letter to Rami from the club stated he was sacked for choosing to appear on a TV reality show instead of attending a training session, L'Equipe sports daily said. On the show, the well-built player can be seen mud wrestling.

Rami, ex-partner of actor Pamela Anderson and model Sidonie Biémont, had been under investigation for skipping the training session near the end of last season. He claimed injury but conducted strenuous physical activities on the TV show, including mud wrestling.

Olympique de Marseille’s President Jacques-Henri Eyraud told Rami in July he needed to think deeply about "his obligations as a player especially as a world champion."

The French defender was in the news one month ago when he and US bombshell Pamela Anderson broke up. He was excluded from Marseille's pre-season US tour and the club’s season-opening match with André Villas-Boas as coach.

Marseille’s lost 2-0 to Reims.