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Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:56 GMT

Mass Grave Found in Last Isis Enclave


7Dnews London

Thu, 28 Feb 2019 22:41 GMT

A mass grave is thought to have been found in recently seized Isis territory, with the suspected bodies of the Yazidis, a religious sect persecuted by Isis, according to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, Reuters reported on Thursday February 28th.

Dozens of corpses are said to have been found in the Baghouz area, many were of slaughtered and decapitated women, SDF commander Adnan Afrin said. The SDF was still trying to confirm if the bodies belonged to members of the Yazidi sect.

Thousands of members of the minority sect from Iraq were forced into sexual slavery by the jihadists when they surged across the border in 2014 and seized swathes of territory.

More than 3,000 other Yazidis were killed in an onslaught the United Nations later described as genocidal, which prompted the first US air strikes against Isis. Thousands more fled on foot, and many of them remain displaced more than four years later.

The SDF, the main Kurdish led-partner of the US-led coalition against Isis in Syria, has been trying to evacuate thousands of civilians in Baghouz, the last Isis enclave, before storming it, or forcing the surrender of the remaining jihadists, who the SDF has said are mostly foreigners.

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