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Merkel Still Sees "Every Chance" for Brexit Deal


7Dnews London

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 11:30 GMT

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday September 11th that she still believes agreement can be reached with the UK on Brexit, AFP reported.

The German leader stated her belief that there is still time left to make a deal between Britain and the European Union. "The EU will, in a few months, experience the exit of an important member, the exit of Britain," Merkel said to the German Parliament members in Bundestag.

"I am firmly convinced that we still have every chance to do it in an orderly way and the German government will work toward making this possible until the very last day." Merkel added.

Merkel’s statement comes after the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended parliament on Monday after a series of hard clashes with MPs over his Brexit plan, which may involve a no-deal exit.

Johnson insisted that he is doing his best to reach an exit deal with the EU before the Brexit deadline on October 31st. "We're working very hard to get a deal. I think we will get a deal, but if absolutely necessary we will come out with no deal." Johnson said.

Before parliament was suspended, MPs passed a law to postpone Brexit by three months if Johnson fails to secure a deal at the upcoming EU summit on October 17th-18th. Johnson, however, said that he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit.

Johnson took office in July, with promises to renegotiate the Brexit terms that were negotiated by his predecessor, Theresa May, but later rejected three times by parliament.

Merkel has repeatedly expressed her concerns that a no-deal Brexit could result in a "body blow" to the European economy, stressing that the integrity of the European Union is "too important to sacrifice principles for the sake of a deal".