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Mexican Leader Hails Trump's Decision to Defer Drug Cartels Designation


7Dnews London

Sat, 07 Dec 2019 02:06 GMT

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday December 7th hailed President Donald Trump's decision to hold off his plan to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups.

"I welcome that he has taken our opinion into account. ... It was a very good decision today to defer the designation," he stated.

Trump planned to label the drug cartels as terrorist groups to hit them with sanctions. Lopez Obrador said he welcomed cooperation with US to counter drug gangs, but did not like Trump's recent plan, and considered it intervention.

Trump said on Twitter on Friday he would temporarily hold off the step at the request of "a man who I like and respect and has worked so well with us," referring to Obrador.

Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard also thanked Trump for his decision, saying on his Twitter account that "cooperation has won and there will be good results."

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