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Morocco Bus Crash Kills Seventeen


7Dnews London

Mon, 02 Dec 2019 20:53 GMT

Seventeen people were killed in a bus crash in northern Morocco on Sunday December 1st, according to a statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Health.

The bus overturned near Taza town between the Rif and Atlas mountains. However, the cause of the accident was not identified by the authorities, reported AFP.

The ministry’s report said that 17 were killed and 36 injured. Authorities launched an investigation into the accident that occurred in the town located in the east of Fez.

The police report said that the crash reduced the bus to a mass of metal. A similar deadly accident took place in Tunisia on Sunday, leaving 26 dead after a vehicle plunged into a ravine in the mountainous northwest.

Road accidents kill nearly 3,500 people each year in Morocco, a country of 35 million people. The country’s deadliest road accident was in 2012, leaving at least 42 dead and prompting an immediate government campaign to halve the number of such accidents by 2026.

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