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Nepal Dismisses Indian Army's Abominable Yeti Claim


7Dnews London

Fri, 03 May 2019 12:53 GMT

On May 3rd Nepal's army dismissed as incorrect the Indian military's hairy claim that its soldiers had discovered yeti footprints in the Himalayas, saying they were more likely just a bear. 

The Indian army posted images of "yeti footprints" from near the Nepal-China border on Twitter late on April 29th, triggering considerable ridicule on social media, according to AFP.

Nepal Army spokesperson, Bigyan Dev Pandey, said Nepali liaison officers went to the spot but that by the time they arrived the markings in the snow had disappeared. But he said locals had told the officers that a bear was the likely culprit and that strange prints were often seen.

"According to locals and porters such unusual footprints appear frequently in the area and are made by wild bears," Pandey told AFP.

This matches comments by wildlife experts who said what the Indians saw were bear footprints enlarged by the sun and wind.

The Indian army's tweeted images showing a series of foot-shaped impressions, each almost a metre (yard) long. "For the first time, an #IndianArmy Mountaineering Expedition Team has sighted mysterious footprints of mythical beast 'Yeti’'," the tweet on the army's official account read.