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Thu, 14 Nov 2019 20:57 GMT

New US Sanctions Against Turkey-Based Financiers of Terrorists


7Dnews London - Ahmed Fathi

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 20:40 GMT

As a result of the Turkish regime’s open support for terrorism and extremist elements, on Tuesday September 11th the US Treasury Department designated 10 Turkey-based companies and businessmen linked to terrorist groups that include Isis and Hamas as part of a broader statement of 15 sanctioned entities.

The Department's statement identified companies and individuals in Istanbul, Izmir and south-eastern Turkey that sent tens of millions of dollars to Isis, Hamas and Hezbollah, including funds from the Iran's al-Quds Force, and included the Gold for Cash scheme.

“These new authorities will allow the US government to starve terrorists of resources they need to attack the United States and our allies, and will hold foreign financial institutions who continue to do business with them accountable,” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

Among those identified was Istanbul-based Zaher Jabarin, who served as head of funding for Hamas. According to the US Treasury, he developed a financial network in Turkey that enabled the transfer of millions of dollars to Hamas through a financial company called Redin Exchange.

Redin, also designated on Tuesday, helped transfer tens of millions of dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah, with some money coming from al-Quds Force, the Treasury said. In south-eastern Turkey, Muhamad Ali al-Hebo's jewellery chain was involved in a scheme to turn gold into cash to be sent to Isis terrorists in Syria, according to the Department's statement.

These sanctions mean that all US-controlled property associated with those targeted must be banned and reported to the Treasury's Office for Foreign Assets Control, and anyone who does business with the targeted entities may face sanctions.

The United States has appealed to Turkey to curb Hamas-related activity since at least 2015, while Ankara has been accused for years of condoning Isis supporters within its borders.

The Treasury's announcement came a day after Mnuchin repeated that the United States was considering sanctions against Turkey for buying a Russian missile defence system. In addition, the US Treasury has yet to determine whether Turkey's state-owned Halkbank will be punished for what a US court has said is a violation of sanctions against Iran.

Noteworthy, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights previously exposed that there is a suspicious relationship between Isis and the Turkish regime. In addition, Turkish opposition lawmakers have submitted parliamentary inquiries this week questioning what they said was a connection between the terrorist organisation and the country's National Intelligence Agency (MİT).

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