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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Norway Mosque Attack Suspect Appears in Court

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7Dnews London

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 12:44 GMT

A Norwegian man, who is the suspect in the Oslo mosque attack and also thought to have killed his stepsister the same day, appeared in court on Monday, August 12th.

Philip Manshaus, 21, was arrested on Saturday after entering a mosque in the Oslo suburb of Baerum, where three men were preparing for Sunday's Eid al-Adha celebrations. Police said he waved weapons and fired several shots.

When Manshaus appeared in court, he appeared to smirk and showed a heavily bruised face, but evidence has been growing that he sought to emulate attacks by white supremacists in the US and New Zealand.

Security experts believe Manshaus is the latest example of an extremist who was radicalised by far-right conspiracy theories spread online, particularly the "great replacement" theory, which falsely warns of a "genocide" in which white people are being replaced by immigrants and Muslims.

Police raided Manshaus' nearby house after he was arrested as the suspect behind the mosque attack, and they found the body of his 17-year-old stepsister, who was adopted from China as a 2-year old. The police said Manshaus is also suspected in her killing, but did not provide further details.

Manshaus’ lawyer, Unni Fries, told AP that he did not admit guilt and asked to be set free during the closed-door hearing on Monday.