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Oil and Gas Companies Discuss Tackling Environmental Policies


Mohamed Zerari

Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:29 GMT

Discussion panels at ADIPEC tackle the issue of environmental protection while ensuring suitable energy production in various fields of oil and gas, using cutting-edge innovations and technologies

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition (ADIPEC) conference is today looking at environmental issues currently threatening our world. Energy production can make people’s lives easier but at the same time, it may endanger the environment unless urgent measures are taken to save our home, Planet Earth.

Crucial discussions are today shedding light on how to produce energy while ensuring safety regulations are met and, most importantly, our environment is preserved and kept hazard-free.

The discussion included experts, CEOs and advisors in the fields of oil and gas, particularly from the energy sector as this remains the key factor when defining a country’s economic power.

Commenting on the importance of responsible energy production, Yaser Saeed Al Mazrouei, CEO of ADNOC Onshore said: “Oil and gas will remain primary resources in our world for years to come and we in the UAE are capable of ensuring resourceful production while making sure to keep the environment safe and hazard-free.”

“We focus on gas production with clean energy because we care about the environment,” Al Mazrouei added.

Al Mazrouei also pointed out UAE’s vision for reducing its carbon footprint, which highlights the leadership’s vision in making the world a better place for people to live in, given the current environment issues facing the planet and the international calls to save the environment both in the Middle East and worldwide.

To counter the critical effects of climate change on natural ecosystems as well as on bodies of water, the UAE's Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has recently adopted the technology of cultivation without soil in several agricultural projects.

Discussing the importance of energy production and attempting to strike a balance in ensuring a more suitable role for it, Keith Martin, Executive Board Member of Uniper SE said: “Gas provides reliable energy and it will be absolutely crucial to expanding gas production in the world because it is a sustainable source of energy and we need the right amount of innovation and technology to produce gas while maintaining safety of our environment.”

An interesting topic that emerged today was energy poverty, where energy-rich countries, especially in Africa, are not producing enough energy in order to boost their economy, while relying on government products that sometimes fail to produce sufficient resources for the people, who need a better future and more opportunities to work in the energy sector.

Russian guest speaker Alexander Medvedev, Advisor to Director General of Gazprom Export, commented on cleaning energy sources by ensuring the reduction of C02 emissions during production: “The most important step to start saving the environment is to decarbonize the global energy system, whether in gas or oil production.”

The main challenge is striking a balance between producing energy because the world needs it for survival and, at the same time, finding solutions to produce clean, C02-free energy to facilitate suitable and more efficient energy production so future generations can live and prosper.

The UAE is developing a major CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) project in Abu Dhabi, which is managed by Al Reyadah: Abu Dhabi Carbon Capture Company. It is the first in a planned series of CCUS projects in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The source of CO2 for this project is an off-stream from an Emirates Steel Industries (ESI) factory in Mussafah, UAE.

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