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Thu, 12 Dec 2019 23:41 GMT

Pakistan Vows to Teach Delhi a Lesson


7Dnews London

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 13:31 GMT

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned India Wednesday August 14th that Pakistan was prepared to respond to any aggression in the disputed region of Kashmir, vowing the time had come to teach Delhi a lesson, AFP reported. 

"The Pakistani army has solid information that they (India) are planning to do something in Pakistani Kashmir, and they are ready and will give a solid response," Khan said during a televised speech in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. 

"We have decided that if India commits any type of violation we will fight till the end."

Khan's remarks come as tensions skyrocketed between the nuclear-armed rivals following India's surprising move to revoke the autonomy of its portion of the disputed Himalayan territory last week. 

The former cricketer's warnings of war represent a steep escalation in Pakistani rhetoric after Islamabad said last week that they had ruled out a "military option" over the dispute.  

"The time has arrived to teach you a lesson," Khan added in the speech marking the country's Independence Day. 

Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan following independence from Britain in 1947 and has been the spark for two wars between the two nuclear-armed arch-rivals.