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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Police Investigates Labour Party for Antisemitism


7Dnews London

Sat, 03 Nov 2018 01:27 GMT

The British police have started investigating members of the British opposition Labour Party over allegations of antisemitic hate crimes.

Great Britain has been discussing antisemitism in the Labour Party for years, with Party leader Jeremy Corbyn having been criticised repeatedly in the past. The police have now launched a criminal investigation based on a dossier of internal documents.

The Metropolitan Police stated on November 2nd that the dossier was given to London police chief Cressida Dick following an interview on LBC radio. The documents seem to have contained information which justifies legal prosecution.

The internal Labour Party dossier had been sent to LBC and detailed 45 cases that involved hateful messages posted by party members on social media, including one posting that read, "We shall rid the Jews who are a cancer on us all."

Dick told BBC radio there is evidence a crime may have been committed, based on the material given to her. "If somebody passes us material, which they say amounts to a crime, we have a duty to look at that and not just dismiss it," she said. "We have been assessing some material that was passed to me, in a radio studio of all things, about two months ago and we are now investigating some of that material because it appears there may have been crime committed," she added.

Police did not provide details about the possible hate crimes detailed in the dossier.

The Labour Party announced they would fully cooperate with investigators but had not been contacted by police. A party spokesman said Labour itself had a, "robust system for investigating complaints of alleged breaches of Labour Party rules by its members," AP reported.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism for years that he was not rebutting persistent charges of antisemitism within his party. Corbyn is part of the left wing of his party and has positioned himself repeatedly as pro-Palestinian. Because of previous statements and contacts he has been accused of antisemitism several times.

In August, Corbyn admitted to a "real problem" in his party in a piece he wrote for the Guardian. He further said he would strive to drive "antisemitism out of the party for good," and that the party generally deplores all racism but the issue has lingered.