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Pompeo: Iran Finances Hezbollah and Syria War, Ignoring its People’s Needs


7Dnews London - Ahmed Fathi

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 15:02 GMT

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday June 2nd that the Iranian regime used its resources to support Hezbollah, and finance the war in Syria, adding that it ignored the basic needs of its people.

In a press conference with Swiss foreign minister Ignazio Cassis in the southern Swiss town of Bellinzona, Pompeo accused the Iranian regime of committing terrorist acts that have resulted in the displacement of millions.

Pompeo confirmed that the Trump administration is ready for unconditional discussions with Iran, in an effort to ease rising tensions that have sparked fears of conflict. But the U S will not relent in trying to pressure the Iranian regime to change its behaviour in the Middle East, according to AP.

“We will only have a dialogue with Iran when it acts as a natural state,” he said. “Iran is witnessing economic crises, not caused by sanctions but by the regime that lasted 40 years.”

The US’s top diplomat warned that Iran has developed its nuclear programme, which may affect the whole world. “We are doing what we can so that Iran will not be able to acquire a nuclear weapon,” he said.

Pompeo stressed that Iran must realize that the world is watching its nuclear activities, especially those involving heavy water and centrifuges.

He said that the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln is engaged in exercises with the US air force in the Arabian Gulf.

“Joint exercises with the Air Force in the Arabian Gulf demonstrate our ability to respond in the event of any threats.”

On the other hand, Pompeo also pointed out that Washington is dealing with the issue of American detainees in Iran very seriously, and it will only engage in discussions when they return home.

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