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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Putin Asks Trump to “Keep His Promise”


Samy Amara

Sun, 10 Jun 2018 14:01 GMT

The Kremlin has reported a phone call between  President Putin and President Trump in which they have agreed on Viennal as a potential location for the anticipated meeting between the two.

Dmitry Peskov, the official Kremlin spokesman, said the two presidents had discussed the importance of their meeting. He said  there were other cities that could also be suitable.

Putin had praised some of his American counterpart’s policies, describing him as “a serious-minded person who knows how to listen to people and respond to their arguments.” Putin added that “we can look at the US’ decisions differently, and many affairs deserve criticism. But there is one circumstance that I have mentioned previously, Trump keeps the promises that he made in his campaign”.

He added that “one of those promises was to improve Russian-American relations. I hope that this also takes place. At any rate, we are ready for this. I believe that the ball is in America’s court”. These statements were made after the announcement by the American President of his invitation to Russia to return to the G8, amid disagreement among some members of the G7, after Russia was suspended four years ago in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis.

Moscow said  it does not care that much about returning to the G8, and that it prefers other, more efficient entities, including the G20, which includes the internationally most powerful economic bodies, including Russia, China and India.

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has offered more than once to host a Russian-American summit in Vienna, while he had previously announced the determination of Austria to remain impartial in conflicts between Russia and the US.

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