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Rare Autumn Heatwave Hits US


7Dnews London

Thu, 03 Oct 2019 10:09 GMT

A powerful heatwave has hit much of the southern and eastern U S, making early autumn feel more like the hot days of summer, AFP has reported on Thursday October 3rd.

On Wednesday October 2nd, Washington hit 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 Celsius) late in the afternoon, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The mercury soared into the 90s also in Florida and Texas, and everywhere in between, the NWS said, with Montgomery, Alabama reaching 98 degrees, Little Rock, Arkansas hitting 94, and Atlanta seeing 95 degrees in the mid-afternoon.

The heat on Wednesday October 2nd comes after a record-high steamy Tuesday October 1st, when more than two-dozen high temperature records were broken for the date in the eastern U S, along with 16 states that witnessed their highest temperature for any October day, said the NWS.

"Temperatures in some places could be as many as 30 degrees higher than normal," the NWS warned in a statement, adding that a quarter of the country will reportedly experience temperatures above 90 degrees.

According to the Washington Post, the cause of the heatwave is a large area of high pressure anchored over the southeast, which is pumping warm and relatively humid air northward, while squelching rainfall and keeping relief-providing cold fronts at bay.

At the international level, increasing global warming has become a major concern worldwide, with hundreds of activists calling on world leaders to do something about such a rising danger as laid out in the UN's Climate Action Summit held last month in New York.

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