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Thu, 23 Jan 2020 05:00 GMT

Re-elected Venezuela Opposition Leader Guaido Calls for Protests


7Dnews London

Wed, 08 Jan 2020 18:46 GMT

Following rising tensions which led to a standoff with the army, Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó urged a three-day protest against President Nicolas Maduro hours after he was sworn in for another term as National Assembly speaker, AFP reported.

The National Guard attempted to stop Guaidó from protesting at Maduro’s policies for around half an hour. 

"It's time to stand up and to stand up with force," Guaidó said later during a press conference. 

"We will mobilize for street protests on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday we will all be in the streets." 

Guaidó is supported as interim president and main opposition leader by 50 countries including the United States, while Maduro still legally holds the status of current president and adheres to the idea that the US is trying to steal Venezuela’s natural resources, namely oil. 

"Here we are, showing our face," Guaidó said, taking his seat in the assembly after rival claimant Luis Parra and pro-government lawmakers left. 

The United States warned on Tuesday, January 7th, it could impose sanctions against Venezuela, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo congratulated Guaidó on his re-election. 

"The Maduro regime's campaign of arrests, intimidation and bribery could not derail Venezuelan democracy, nor could its use of military forces to physically bar the National Assembly from accessing the parliament building," said Pompeo. 

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