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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Ronaldo Accused of Harassment and Rape


Roberto Tumbarello - 7Dnews Rome

Wed, 10 Oct 2018 09:49 GMT

The path of those who earn one million euros a week is strewn with so many pitfalls, given that 99% of human beings earn less than that sum during the entire span of their life. This is perhaps why for some time now reports of rape have revolved around Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football megastar who this year landed in Italy.
New elements to the story have recently been added. The Las Vegas police have reopened a nine-year-old case where Ronaldo is accused by Kathryn Mayorga of rape. A document so far held in secret may emerge in which Ronaldo admits to having had non-consensual sex with the girl in a room at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel on June 13th, 2009.

Although she committed herself not to reveal the name of her assailant, the girl underwent a hospital rape test, which proved positive. Ten days ago, on September 28th, Mayorga's lawyers filed both a new lawsuit and a civil suit against the football player, accusing him of the rape nine years earlier, as well as fraud and defamation.
The Portuguese newspaper Correiro de la manha reveals that the star flew to Lisbon to agree a defence plan with his lawyers. Taking advantage of the league’s international break, Ronaldo obtained permission from coach Allegri to be absent for three days from training.

Meanwhile, the German weekly Der Spiegel reveals that in 2010, a year after the alleged rape, Ronaldo pledged – in a bid to silence the affair – to give Mayorga the sum of $375,000, which the girl claims never to have received and that, in fact, the player never paid. Negligence on the part of the legal teams involved is therefore suspected, although whether this refers to lawyers for Ronaldo or Mayorga is unclear.

Nevada has recently changed its law to extend the statute of limitations on cases of sexual assault from four to twenty years. Meanwhile Juventus, which bought Ronaldo from Real Madrid for a staggering sum - €100 million euros over four years, plus another €86 million a year in salaries, match prizes and various emoluments – agrees in his favour.

The collapse of Juventus shares – about 10% – appears to be the result of damage to the image caused by the case. Thanks to Ronaldo’s purchase, the stock had increased in value by 200%. Perhaps understandably, the club now exalts the player’s qualities and appeal – it seems Ronaldo is very dedicated to social and charitable activities – in order to protect their investment.

Three other women may also have been harassed and have filed complaints against Ronaldo. This was stated by Kathryn Mayorga's lawyer, Leslie Stovall, in an interview with the English tabloid The Sun, which did not, however, reveal their names.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, is the richest player in the world, after Messi and Neymar. Forbes estimates his wealth to be close to half a billion euros.