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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Saudi Denounces Attack against its Tankers, Calls on International Community to Ensure Maritime Safety


7Dnews London

Mon, 13 May 2019 14:01 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minster said that two Saudi oil tankers were subjected to a sabotage attack late Sunday May 12th, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, while on their way to cross into the Arabian Gulf, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The UAE said on Sunday that four commercial vessels were sabotaged near Fujairah emirate, one of the world’s largest bunkering hubs lying just outside the Strait of Hormuz but did not describe the nature of the attack or say who was behind it. The Saudi oil tankers were among those sabotaged.

Minister Khalid Al-Falih said in a statement on Monday May 13th that one of the Saudi vessels was on its way to be loaded with Saudi crude oil from the port of Ras Tanura, to be delivered to Saudi Aramco’s customers in the United States.

He added the attack did not cause any casualties or oil spill, however, it caused significant damage to the structures of the two vessels.

The Energy Minister said that this attack aims to undermine the freedom of maritime navigation and the security of oil supplies to consumers all over the world. He emphasised the joint responsibility of the international community to protect the safety of maritime navigation and the security of oil tankers, to mitigate against the adverse consequences of such incidents on energy markets and the danger they pose to the global economy.

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