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South Sudan Plane Crash Kills 20


7Dnews London

Mon, 10 Sep 2018 12:10 GMT

Twenty people are believed to have died when a commercial aircraft crashed in South Sudan on Sunday. A local official has said the aircraft went down in a lake.

The 19-seater aircraft was traveling from the capital, Juba, said Taban Abel Aguek, minister of information for the town of Yirol. Officials are investigating the possible cause of the crash.

It is believed that at least three children are among those killed, along with the bishop of Yirol. According to AP, three people survived the crash; a six-year-old child, an adult man and an Italian doctor. The doctor was working with an aid organisation and was rushed into surgery following his arrival at hospital. His condition was described as serious, said Aguek.  

"There were people everywhere," is how one official described the crash site. Yirol is in the central part of the civil war-torn East African country.