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Wed, 20 Nov 2019 03:53 GMT

Sudan Announces End to Darfur Peacekeeping in 2020


Elzahraa Ibrahim - 7Dnews Khartoum

Wed, 14 Nov 2018 15:58 GMT

Osama Faisal, Sudan’s State Minister in Foreign Affairs, has confirmed that June 2020 would see the end of the UNAMID, the peacekeeping operation in Darfur jointly run by the African Union and the United Nations. He pointed out that the first phase of restructuring and reduction had already begun in July 2017, saying that the second phase started at the beginning of this year, with the closing of 11 bases and the forces being replaced by Sudanese police. The reduction of the forces falls under Security Council Resolution 2429 that renews the mandate for the Darfur mission while reducing the troops’ strength.

Between October 30th and November 8th this year, the UNAMID evacuated 4 bases, leaving its logistic supplies, cars and other material to the Sudanese police forces in Darfur.

“This comes in the framework of helping Sudanese police forces to ensure security and stability,” said the commissioner of UNAMID forces, according to Sudanese news agency SUNA, adding that they had managed to train more than 100 Sudanese officers and established many projects during their time in the region.