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Tue, 21 Jan 2020 14:12 GMT

Sudanese Airspace Reopened after Armed Mutiny Thwarted


7Dnews London

Wed, 15 Jan 2020 12:39 GMT

Sudan’s Sovereign Council on Wednesday, January 15th announced reopening airspace, hours after the Khartoum International Airport was shut down due to an armed mutiny by former members of the intelligence service on Tuesday, which was later foiled, Reuters reported.

A fight took place between soldiers in the capital, Khartoum, and former security agents for hours over severance pay, causing the death of two soldiers and the injury of four others. Later, the former army members handed over their weapons, the AP cited Sudan’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) as saying, after negotiations took place. 

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the transitional sovereign council, which was formed after a deal was signed by civilian opposition and military figures, affirmed that the army regained control of all headquarters of the intelligence buildings. 

Al-Burhan affirmed that Tuesday’s incidents were an attempt to thwart the Sudanese revolution, which managed to oust President Omar al-Bashir and bring him to justice over corruption, Sky News reported. He has vowed to never allow a coup to take place. 

Heavy gunfire was heard at two GIS bases in Khartoum, and the roads leading to them were closed, according to witnesses, Sky News reported. 

The former intelligence members expressed, through the intimidating incidents, their demand for better financial compensation as they considered their severance benefits as unfair. 

General Shams El-Din Kabashi, a member of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, noted that it would have been appropriate for the soldiers to reconcile their rights, but he added that their manner of seeking financial claims in this way is rejected. 

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