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Tanzanian Busted with Kilo of Meth in Stomach: Bali Officials


7Dnews London

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 09:13 GMT

In Tanzania a native was caught in Bali with a kilogram of methamphetamine found in his stomach, according to Indonesian authorities on Tuesday, February 12th. 

The detainee, Abdul Rahman Asman, was caught at the international airport by the immigration officials on January 30th, during their routine checks to detain foreigners for drug offences.  

Using an X-ray and a CT scan, they were able to identify 99 plastic bags filled with white powder that Asman swallowed prior to his trip, amounting to a kilo in weight, the authorities added.  

On Tuesday the bags were displayed at the customs offices, where Asman, 42, wearing an orange jumpsuit and restrained with hand and leg irons, was paraded before reporters.  

As of yet, it is not clear whether the prosecutors will hand him a death sentence, or whether he will receive leniency, since the drug laws in Indonesia are the strictest in the world, including execution by firing squad for traffickers.  

There are many smugglers on death row in the country, including a cocaine-mule British grandmother, an American caught with crystal methamphetamine, and several west African inmates sentenced to death for drug crimes. 

American, Husein Ashadi Bahri, 60, was also shown at the conference after his arrest in a drug sting that discovered some 45 grams of marijuana stuffed inside a computer keyboard. 

Bahri faces a maximum of 15 years in jail if convicted.