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The London Initiative to get Adults reading again

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7Dnews London - Sariah Manning

Thu, 09 May 2019 18:07 GMT

If anyone has ever spent any time on the London underground, then you will understand that commuting in London is basically warfare. It is a constant campaign of claiming territory, inching forward and never relaxing for a moment. Because if you do, someone will step past you. Or on you. And while it is a campaign of constant warfare, it is terribly boring as well. You are underground, phones don’t work, and Londoners don’t like a lot of noise, and will often death stare you, or “tut” you for talking too loudly, or for making a noise while on this mission of getting to work.

This is probably the reason that the average Londoner reads four to ten books a year, while spending an average of 107 hours a month on the underground, commuting to work.

Enter Books on the Underground. Books on the Underground has taken the initiative to try and make the 107 hours we spend on the underground a little more enjoyable, while also trying to improve the national average of books read.

Books on the Underground is pretty self-explanatory, they are books on the Underground. They make sure there are books travelling the London Underground, to be found by lucky travellers who then read them and return them to the tube.

Books on the Underground’s aim is to get more people in London reading. On an average week, their Book Fairies will put 150 new books around the underground, on seats, benches, station signs, and around ticket areas, accompanied by social media updates. Followed by clues on social media as to where the books will be dropped.

As well as putting books they love on the tube, they also work with authors and publishers both large and small, as well as film promoters and authors themselves, to bring a wide variety of new and used books to London underground travellers.

With commuters increasingly choosing their phones until they run out of service on the underground, and then end up awkwardly staring at their feet, in order to avoid looking anyone in the eye. Books on the Underground is a great initiative that will provide commuters with the much needed mental stimulation they need as they make their way to work.

Next time you are on the London Underground be on the lookout for a book, that can bring joy to your otherwise soulless commute to work, brighten your day and increase the national average of books being read again.