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Top Democrats Urge Kavanaugh Impeachment over Uncorroborated Allegation


7Dnews London

Mon, 16 Sep 2019 10:51 GMT

An uncorroborated and now disputed accusation against Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh has got top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates calling for his impeachment, Fox News reported on Monday September 16th.

The allegation was made by nonprofit CEO Max Stier, who was one of Kavanaugh’s classmates at Yale University in the mid-1980s and claims he "saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student."

The allegation was reported in an article in the New York Times published on September 14th and was adapted from a book by reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, titled ‘The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation’, due out on September 17th.

Stier worked for Bill Clinton as a defence attorney in the 1990s and had legal battles with Kavanaugh during the Whitewater investigation. The Times failed to mention this fact, referring to Stier as a "respected thought leader".

However, the New York Times amended the story the next day, stating that several of the alleged victim’s friends said she had no recollection of the harassment incident ever happening. 

According to the Times, Stier "notified senators and the FBI about this account" last year during the Kavanaugh hearings, "but the FBI did not investigate and Mr. Stier has declined to discuss it publicly".

Trump advised Kavanaugh to sue for defamation. 

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