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Top US Diplomat to visit Sudan


7Dnews London

Mon, 10 Jun 2019 23:26 GMT

The US state department said on Monday, June 10th, it will send the top diplomat for Africa to Sudan to urge talks resumption between the Sudanese Military Council and the Civilian opposition, reported Reuters.

The negotiations between the TMC and the Sudanese opposition collapsed last week amid social unrest caused by Khartoum’s sit-in dispersal. 

Tibor Nagy, the US assistant secretary for Africa, will also discuss the Sudanese situation during a visit to Ethiopia, whose Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has tried a mediation between the military council and protest movement on Friday.

"He will call for a cessation of attacks against civilians and urge parties to work toward creating an enabling environment for talks to resume," the State Department said, adding that Nagy will later travel to Mozambique and South Africa. 

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