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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Torture Traces on Body of Palestinian Prisoner Who Died in Turkish Prison


7Dnews London

Tue, 14 May 2019 18:42 GMT

The brother of Zaki Mubarak, a Palestinian prisoner who died in a Turkish prison, told 7Dnews that they received the body of his brother which showed traces of torture.

Zaki Mubarak, 55, was arrested along with another Palestinian in Turkey, on April 22nd, on charges of espionage. After his death, Turkish authorities announced that the detainee had been found dead in his prison cell.

The brother, Zakaria, has refuted as flagrant lies the Turkish allegations that his brother committed suicide.

Zakaria said that he received his brother's body from Turkish authorities, which arrived at the Egyptian capital Cairo on Tuesday May 14th, and confirmed that the body was distorted and had serious injuries and fractures.

He added that the forensic report attached to the body, signed by Turkish officials, contradicted the Turkish authorities' lie that his brother committed suicide by hanging himself.

Zakaria, who is a doctor, said that the forensic report evidenced the death was caused by sporadic injuries of the body.

The brother revealed that Zaki's body showed that he was subjected to horrific torture. There is a brain fracture caused by beating with sharp instruments, a tumour in the head, fractures of the eyebrow, chest, right leg and arms, and deep bruises; also the face was completely distorted. He accused the Turks of torturing him, to escape the responsibility of killing him.

Zaki Mubarak was a resident of the Gaza Strip, working in the Palestinian security apparatus with the rank of brigadier, but he left Gaza after the conflict between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza in 2007.

He had a Ph D degree in political science, lived in Ramallah before retiring and arrived in Turkey several months ago to establish a company, according to his brother.

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