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Tottenham Sack Coach Mauricio Pochettino


Mahmoud Al Assal

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 03:29 GMT

Tottenham Hotspur announced Tuesday November 19th the sacking of coach Mauricio Pochettino from his post after the team’s poor run in the English Premier League this season.

AFP reported that the club’s management announced in a statement that Mauricio Pochettino and his coaching staff, Jesus Perez, Miguel D'Agostino, and Antoni Jimenez, had been relieved of their duties.

The Spurs are struggling during the ongoing season of the English Premier League as they are 14th in the table with 14 points after playing 12 games so far this season.

Tottenham only achieved the victory in three games and lost in four while they drew in five games, causing management to change their minds of keeping the tactician.

The 47-year-old Pochettino started his duty with Tottenham in 2014 and has been instrumental in turning the Spurs into Champions League regulars over the past four seasons. The sacking of Pochettino comes just five months after the team reached the Champions League final last season.

"We were extremely reluctant to make this change and it is not a decision the board has taken lightly, nor in haste," said Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

The club’s chairman also said domestic results at the end of last season and beginning of this season have been extremely disappointing.

"It falls to the board to make the difficult decisions, this one made more so given the many memorable moments we have had with Mauricio and his coaching staff, but we do so in the club's best interests", the Tottenham chairman added.