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Tue, 12 Nov 2019 06:29 GMT

Trump Answers Reporters on Bolton, China, Iran, and e-cigarettes


7Dnews London

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 19:20 GMT

Speaking to reporters at the White House, US President Donald Trump went through a couple of issues on Wednesday, September 11th.

Trump said one of the reasons for firing national security advisor John Bolton was his stance on Kim Jong Un, where he advised using the Libyan model on North Korea, “just take a look at what happened with Qaddafi, that was not a good statement to make, and it set us back.”

He also “wasn’t getting along with people in the administration that I consider pretty important,” Trump added, “he wasn’t in line with what we were doing, and we have a lot of great people that want this position.”

On China, Trump said, “Its supply chain is breaking up, this unbreakable, powerful tool that they had, it’s breaking up like a toy because companies are moving out, and China wants to make a deal, we’ll see what happens.”

Trump also spoke on the Taliban saying, “We’re hitting them now harder than they have ever been hit ...they killed innocent civilians... and I know for a fact they said that was a big mistake,” referring to the Taliban terror attack that killed one American soldier and 12 others.

Answering a question on gun control, Trump said he had spoken with senators to reach a solution that is acceptable by everybody and that he is looking into background checks as well as protecting the second amendment.

On the US stance towards Venezuela after Bolton, he said he was working with Colombia, whose leader is a friend of his, Brazil, and other countries on a humanitarian basis. He also said he disagreed with Bolton on Venezuela.

Responding to a question on whether banning flavoured e-cigarettes is unfair to manufacturers, he said, “We can’t allow people to be sick and we can’t have our youths being so affected...people are dying with vaping.”

Asked if he’s looking at arranging a meeting with Iran’s president Rouhani at UNGA, Trump said, “I’m not looking at anything...I do believe they’re looking to make a deal, if they do that’s great if they don’t that’s great too.”

He added, “We cannot let Iran have a nuclear weapon and they never will have a nuclear’s gonna be very dangerous for them to enrich uranium.” He said lowering sanctions to make a meeting happen is not out of the question.

“We’re not looking for regime change,” Trump said.

Towards the end of the meeting, the American president said he was happy China removed some tariffs.

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