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Thu, 14 Nov 2019 06:21 GMT

Trump to Visit US-Mexico Border amid Wall Fight With Congress


Meriam H. Helal

Tue, 08 Jan 2019 10:31 GMT

As the partial government shutdown approaches a record length, President Donald Trump will visit the nation's southern border on Thursday, January 10th, to promote his wall plan.

The border trip would allow Trump the chance to use the bully pulpit to make his case that more than $5 billion in government funding is needed for a wall separating the US and Mexico. Democrats have repeatedly rejected that funding request.

US officials told 7Dnews that President Trump will meet with those on the frontlines of the "national security and humanitarian crisis" at the border. 

The trip would come on the 20th day of the shutdown if Congress does not pass a funding bill to reopen the closed parts of government before then, as it approaches the record set in the mid-1990s for the longest shutdown. 

Trump last week raised the possibility of declaring a national emergency to build the wall without congressional approval, a move that would be considered legally and politically questionable. 

Vice President Pence and other top administration officials met twice over the weekend with congressional leadership staffers, but the meetings did not result in a breakthrough. There is no evidence of any other meetings on Monday or one planned for later this week. 

Democrats have accused Trump of manufacturing a crisis at the southwest border to justify his demand for a wall, one of the president's biggest unfulfilled campaign promises. 

Meanwhile, the US Government shutdown record stands at 21 days, set during 1995 and 1996. If it is still ongoing, the current partial shutdown would hit its 22nd day at 12:01 am on Saturday. 

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