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Turkey Deports Isis Detainees


7Dnews London - Reuters

Tue, 12 Nov 2019 00:52 GMT

Turkey deported on Monday, November 11th two captive militants from Isis as part of a new programme to repatriate detainees, causing disagreement between Ankara and its NATO allies since the former’s military offensive in northern Syria, reported Reuters.

The Turkish authorities did not reveal where they sent the militants, one German and the other American, adding that more Isis captives will be deported to their homeland even if their citizenships were revoked.

Turkey has previously said it captured 287 militants in northeast Syria, adding them to Isis suspects it already imprisons. Ankara accuses European countries of being reluctant to take back their citizens who joined Isis to fight in the Middle East.

NATO has expressed its concerns over the possibility of having captured Isis militants escaping following the Turkish military offensive against Kurdish forces in northeast Syria.

Turkish Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Catakli said that one American and one German were deported on Monday; however, he did not specify where they were sent. Another 23 foreign fighters linked to Isis are also set to be departed, including nine Germans, 11 French, two Irish, and one Dane.

"Efforts to identify the nationalities of foreign fighters captured in Syria have been completed, with their interrogations 90% finished and the relevant countries notified," Catakli said in press statements.

Meanwhile, the Danish public prosecutor said that his office was in contact with Ankara regarding a Danish citizen who is convicted of terrorism charges in Turkey.

Berlin on the other hand has previously said that it has been informed by Ankara about ten German citizens – three men, five women, and two children. Nonetheless, Germany’s Foreign Ministry said it does not know whether those citizens were linked to Isis.

Germany said it would receive seven on Thursday, November 14th and two on the following day.

While German and Danish authorities have confirmed they were aware of the Turkish plans, French Defence Minister Florence Parly said she was not aware of them.

Parly said she was not informed of any French citizens jailed in Turkey over crimes related to Isis.

In Holland, a court in the Hague ruled on Monday that the Netherlands would accept to receive the children of women who joined Isis; however, the mothers are not welcomed as per the court’s ruling.

Turkey waged a military offensive in October against the Kurdish armed forces in northeast Syria following the President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops in the region.

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