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Turkish Attacks on NE Syria: Rome Summons Turkish Ambassador


7Dnews London

Thu, 10 Oct 2019 17:22 GMT

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday October 10th summoned Turkey’s ambassador a day after Ankara launched a military offensive in northeastern Syria in violation of international law and despite wide condemnation, AFP reported.

Turkey initiated the so-called ‘Peace Spring’ military offensive against Kurdish fighters, risking causing deaths among civilians and helping Isis militias to rebuild the caliphate.

The Ministry called the Turkish offensive unilateral and highlighted the role of the United Nations as the sole party through which any lasting solution to the crisis in Syria can take place.

Di Maio earlier called Turkey's offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria "unacceptable,” calling for an immediate end to the fighting, Reuters reported.

"As a government we think that the Turkish offensive initiative is unacceptable. We condemn it ... because military action in the past has always led to more terrorism," Di Maio said on the sidelines of a conference in Rome.

"We call for an immediate end to this offensive which is absolutely not acceptable given that the use of force continues to endanger the life of the Syrian people, who have already experienced tragedy in recent years," he said.

The French Foreign Ministry also summoned Turkey's ambassador to a meeting on October 10th, a diplomatic source said.

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