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Tue, 21 Jan 2020 13:45 GMT

Turkish Football Icon Leaves Homeland to Escape Erdogan's Punish


Mahmoud Al Assal

Mon, 13 Jan 2020 18:03 GMT

Turkish football icon Hakan Sükür, who became a political exile, decided to leave his homeland and settled in Washington to work as an Uber driver to avoid punishment from the Erdogan regime, French CNEWS reported on Monday January 13th.

The 48-year-old, who was famed for the honour of the fastest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup, has had an arrest warranted hanging over his head since 2016 and had all his assets frozen after he opposed the Erdogan regime.

Sükür, who quit football in 2008, made 112 appearances with Turkey’s national team scoring 51 goals before announcing his retirement.

The Turkish football star, who helped his country to win the third place in the FIFA Club World Cup in 2002, played for European topflight teams like Inter Milan and Parma in the Italy Serie A alongside playing in England with Blackburn Rovers.

The Turkish football icon launched on to the political scene within the presidential party, the AKP, three years after announcing his retirement from football. He was elected from the Islamo-conservative party in Parliament.

Şükür was charged with insulting Turkey’s president Erdoğan on Twitter in 2016, then a warrant was issued for his arrest as he was charged with being a member of the Gülen movement, designated as a terrorist organisation in Turkey.

The Top Scorer of the Turkish League of All Times with 249 goals left Turkey in 2017, taking up self-exile in San Francisco and California before settling in Washington to work as an Uber driver.

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